Valpizza s.r.l.
Valpizza Srl was founded in 1992 in the province of Bologna, at the feet of the lovely Samoggia Valley hills, and soon achieved success in the production and distribution of frozen pizzas and pizza bases, immediately establishing business relations with the leading groups in the frozen food sector.

The new plant

The brand new plant, opened in 2011, extends over an area of 6600 m2, of which 350 m2 are offices; the rest of the area is dedicated to the production cycle and the modern cold store at -20°C with mobile racks and a capacity of 1800 pallet stations.

Our pizzas have a Green Heart

Photovoltaic system = clean energy, plant perfectly integrated in the environment, low environmental impact.

Quality in every aspect

Valpizza’s strong focus on Quality concerns and involves the entire production chain, to guarantee the traceability of every single product.

On arrival: all raw materials are carefully inspected and lot-coded
During production: weight checking with scales and metal-detector inspections
Before the product is placed on the market: repeated laboratory tests on nutritional contents and organoleptic features

Research & development

The Research & Development Department is Valpizza’s lifeblood: know-how, flexibility and constant recipe innovation at your service.

Private Label projects
Customized recipes
Highly skilled staff, able to provide technical advice for the realisation of tailor-made projects